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Friday, 2 September 2016


It's a healthy choice!


  • Give yourself permission to relax - put yourself first, you deserve it.

  • Make 10 minutes a day to practice relaxation.  It is a skill to be learnt and it is common for the mind to wander when you are first starting out, so don't give up!

  • Find a quiet and secure environment where you will preferably not be disturbed.

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable place and position.

  • Begin by concentrating on your breathing by taking a deep breath in then exhale.  Repeat this several times

  • Focus on relaxing the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back

  • Try to picture in your mind a relaxing place like the beach, a woodland or a secret garden

a woodland

a secret garden
a beach

  • Continue to visualise this image until you feel relaxed and at ease with yourself

  • It takes time to develop the skill of relaxation.  With persistence you can:

  1. Feel better about yourself
  2. Cope better with pressure and stress
  3. Feel more in control of your thoughts

  • It may benefit you to engage in activities such as meditation and yoga on a regular basis
"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop" Ovid

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