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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

GUEST BLOG - Chef Dave - Week 1:Day 2 - Balance

Menu - Week 1 – Balanced Range

For this week we are looking at the Balanced Range of Foods, through all my menu’s and Recipe of the Week(s) I aim to be inclusive of the following dietary requirements.

·         Low Salt

·         1 (or more) of 5 a day

·         Low Fat

·         Vegetarian

·         Low Sugar

·         Reduced Fat

·         High Protein

·         Gluten Fee

·         Low Saturated Fat

·         Low Carb

*though please remember, you will be the best person to know if something is suitable for you.

A balanced diet is not a crash diet, it is a way of eating all of the right nutrients that your body needs in order to be healthy. Everyone’s bodies are different and often individuals require a different amount and type of nutrients. This can depend on age, gender, illness and the rate at which your body works

I’ve tried to keep the menu’s simple to allow for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, all are high in nutrition and packed full of flavour.


Porridge, Apple & Blackcurrant
Chorizo, Celery & Leek Soup with a Sundried Tomato Roll
Summer Fruit Yoghurt
Corned Beef Hash
Corned beef and baked beans in a rich tomato sauce with crispy sauté potatoes on the side.
Fruit Crumble
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