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Saturday, 10 September 2016

CQC & How The Edith Ellen Foundation Can Help

With the introduction of the Internet and published articles such as the CQC reports it has become increasingly easy for Service Providers, Service Users and Interested Parties to research potential Care Providers.

If you are
  • a concerned relative
  • a concerned Service User
  • or a Service Provider with a Poor CQC rating
Then the Edith Ellen Foundation can help.

Sample CQC Report where service requires Support

Putting person centred values into practice means that you are providing care that is focused on the individual. It demonstrates to the individual that you want to care for and support them.

Taken from a recent CQC report here is the descriptive areas of improvements required and how the Edith Ellen Foundation can support you in a similar instance.

 1.       The service was not always safe.

·         Not all staff were able to recognise or respond to signs of potential abuse because they had not received the training necessary to do so.
·         There were not always enough staff to meet all of people’s needs.
·         The home did not formally check the competency of staffs skills to safely administer medication.

The Edith Ellen Foundation, can provide comprehensive Adult Safeguarding Training and Person Centred Training.

The Edith Ellen also has the ability to offer a formal Medications Administration & Awareness Training Program for those who deliver medication. 

We can offer the tried and tested means of effective Staff Retention and support you in the process of change.
2.       The service was not always effective.

·         The principles of the Mental Capacity Act had not always been followed when decisions had been made on behalf of people about their care. Some people had been unlawfully deprived of their liberty.
·         The environment required improvement to help people orientate themselves within it.

The Edith Ellen Foundation offers a full Mental Capacity Act Training Program which covers the current legislation and DoLS.

We have a inclusive and extensive Dignity Course covering Dignity in Care.  Dignity is about ensuring that people in care are treated with dignity and respect in adult social care whatever the setting. 

With our qualified Chef at hand we can offer Nutritional Information and guidance on Hydration and Dehydration effects and causes.

3.       The service was not consistently caring.

·         Staff were not always respectful to people when providing people with care and support.
·         Peoples views about how they wanted their care to be provided were not always sought.

The Edith Ellen Foundation offers a "Dignity in Care - Passport" which is tailored to the individual and supports Care Staff in ensuring they are providing the best possible standard of care and support.  This passport also allows care staff to understand individuals views about their care.

The Edith Ellen Foundation also delivers on Training for Respect covered within our tailored Dignity Program.
4.       The service was not consistently responsive.

·         People received the care they required but were not provided with opportunities to engage in meaningful activity.
·         Some people’s care records contained inaccurate or conflicting information and were not person centred.
·         There was a complaints procedure in place.

The Edith Ellen Foundation can provide you with an Activities Coordinator to enable you to develop and provide opportunities of meaningful activities
We can also provide you with Volunteers, all DBS checked, who can assist you with file maintenance to improve personal files for Service Users or to overhaul your filing system.
5.       The service was not consistently well led.

·         The home did not provide a forum for people or their relatives to meet with the homes management.
·         The current systems in place to monitor the quality and safety of the service were not effective.
·         Staff were not supported in their role and they were not clear about their individual roles.

We believe at The Edith Ellen Foundation that with the right support and provision of Training Services will become better led and managed, staff will become happier and the standard of care delivered will exceed expectations.

We can provide CPD Training which will include, but not limited to:
  1. Communication Forum
  2. Equality & Diversity looking closely at Cultural Differences Discussion and Presentation
  3. Information Governance Presentation

If you would like to discuss your needs, requirements and expectations with a member of our team please contact Office@edithellenfoundation.org

We are currently offering a FREE 1hr Consultation with no obligation quote 'EEF2016'

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