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Friday, 2 September 2016

Edith Ellen Befriending Scheme

Our Befriending scheme is a free scheme provider by our Edith Ellen Volunteers.

The Edith Ellen Foundation is a national independent Charity which ensures that people have ownership of their own nursing and care. It builds strong partnerships, understanding and a commitment to kindness by everyone who provides these services. 
This charity is actively operating and working alongside other regulatory bodies, charities and organisations to:
·         Improve the consistency of an outstanding care culture by empower the voices of all people receiving and delivering health and social care
·         inspire clear understanding and alliances between all those involved in this relationship 
·         put kindness and a spark of life at the heart of all nursing and care services
·         bring proactive fresh ideas and a different approach to support advice guidance that will sustain and improve the consistency of nation and regional health and social care.

The Foundation aims to prove, that well managed leadership, and skillful practices, support and decision making will build sustainable consistency within the dynamics of complex relationships between management and staff and those receiving caring, to create a welcoming, safe and relaxing environment, dedicated to an individual good care experience every time.

Our Befrienders are the Edith Ellen Foundation’s Ambassadors. They use their experiences gained from their visits sympathetically, productively and effectively and to:
·         Drive up the standards of Befriending to a national consistency in Kindness
·         Combine effective information gathering with their own abilities, skills and capabilities to develop networks, partnerships and associations to share best practices that prevent social isolation of our people in care 
·         Be available as a standard source of advice and guidance to sign post where necessary people and their families to welfare, benefits and other services, organisations and charities, to make all our frail and vulnerable people’s lives more valued and respected.

They are very conscious that they are entering into people’s personal space, their” home” environment and indeed into their actual lives, therefore, at all times they conduct themselves with the highest levels of friendliness, courtesy and professionalism. They are also very aware of the requirement for staff in the care home to be able to carrying on with their own duties during their friendship visits.

Befrienders will take their lead primarily from listening to the views of staff, people and their families in the care services who know residents’ complex health conditions, likes, dislikes and lifestyles. 

It is expected that the Foundation’s Befrienders work closely alongside the Edith Ellen Foundation’s Volunteer Manager, and will directly contribute to increasing our organisation’s aims to prevent the social isolation of residents in care, by providing regular support friendship and companionship on a one to one basis; in and around care homes located in Norfolk.  

Our Befrienders work closely with the community to create sustainable partnerships with residents, to benefit the current loneliness of care home residents, to increase their independence around their home and outside in the community, and importantly, to give back to them their personal feelings of self-worth.

Skills and Qualifications:

Our Ambassadors have been selected for their ability to provide and conduct constructive effective discussions that demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills, understanding and empathy that connects and builds relationships with people even in the fog of Dementia or Alzheimer’s and especially for those that are sad frightened, anxious and lonely in care services.

They have been recruited from Service Personnel and their families stationed at RAF Marham.

Training and Support for the Befriender’s Role:

  • ·         DBS Checks, (which they carry at all times)

  • ·         Induction to the role

  • ·         Full support on all aspects of the role.

  • ·         Regular updates on organisational activities.

  • ·         Appraisals

Before our Befrienders are taking up the role in any care setting, they have been inducted and become familiar with all the key aspects, requirements and workings of the following:

(a)    The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Ethos, Aims and Objectives

(b)    The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and people’s legal right to choices for their own treatment, well-being and livelihood

(c)     Adult safeguarding for people living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

(d)    The Befriender’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality

(e)    How to gather the information necessary to find the benefits of any Local Services, Organisations and Charities that will support people’s lifestyle, and continuity with any welfare that might be required

They are conversant with the terms and requirements of safeguarding people, particularly in respect of preventing abuse and neglect and safeguarding issues.

Befrienders are also fully conversant with their full legal obligation to the confidentiality of the people that they engage with, and to have a true understanding of what they are looking to achieve during their friendship and companionship visit.

During each visit our Ambassadors understand that any information collated, retained and used, is in complete trust and confidentiality and within the remit of the legal obligations of the Edith Ellen Foundation and its Befrienders in secure communications and networks within the Foundation.

Our Ambassadors Are Directly Responsible to: The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Volunteer Manager

If you are interested in learning more about the Edith Ellen Foundation and any of the services it provides we will be pleased to hear from you.  Contact us on office@edithellenfoundation.org or join us on our Facebook page, Blog or on our website www.edithellenfoundation.org and twitter @edithellen2013
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