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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Abuse - Article 10 - Self Neglect

Self-Neglect is defined as:

“an adult's inability, due to physical or mental impairment or diminished capacity, to perform essential self-care….”

They make clear that life-style choices or living arrangements alone do not prove self-neglect

Self-neglect covers a wide range of behaviour including neglect of one’s personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding. 

Impact and typical characteristics of self-neglect may be:
  • Poor standards of personal care

  • Evidence of urine or faeces from adult or animal in the home

  • Evidence of significant hoarding

  • Home filthy, verminous, not habitable

  •  Lacks mental capacity

  • Evidence of physical, mental or learning disability or illness

  • Refuses important health care

  • Non co-operative with services

  • Substance misuse - heavy use of drugs or alcohol or both

  • No support from family or others – very isolated

  • Victim of crime, anti-social behaviour or abuse

  • Perpetrator of crime, anti-social behaviour

  • Risk of fatality or serious harm

  • Fire Risk

  • Self-neglect has a serious impact on the safety of others

Many of these situations may be resolved by safeguarding enquiries. 
However Adult Protection procedures will have to be considered for cases where there is imminent/high risk of fatality or harm or harm to others.
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