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Tuesday, 6 September 2016




  • We all have fears and anxieties.  Consider how others may feel if they were in a similar situation to you.  The Chances are you are not alone
  • Take time out - try to distract yourself from the fear by playing music, getting some fresh air or making a cup of tea

  • Consider what is the worst that can happen - try your best to keep rational
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway - eg expose yourself to the fear head on.  This can help to take the power away from the fear so you can control the fear rather than the fear controlling you
  • Keep repeating to yourself that you are OK.  You may need to keep sayng this until the feeling passes
  • Don't expect perfection.  Life rarely runs smoothly so try to ride the ups and downs rather than battle against them
  • visualise a relaxing scene and allow the positive feelings from the scene to help relax you (see RELAXATION) 
  • Talk about your fears - you may find that you are not alone.  Don't let fear paralyse you

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