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Blogger Babies and Mummy believe in sharing resources and ideas to enable the best possible care and support of our vulnerable.

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Hello World Changers!

Here at The Mummy Dementia we are always on the lookout for brands and products that could not only make my life better/easier but which could also fit in with my family life.

As you can see, this is a family blog which incorporates the care needs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients because mummy has MCI, we do on occasion review products, services and what-nots, so if you are a PR and would like to talk to me about something you think we'd love, get in touch either via email or DM me on Twitter.

All products featured will fit within my blog ethos

I can guarantee that any product reviews will be my own or my families opinions.

Any compensations received in exchange for reviews will not alter my opinion of a product, I believe strongly in honesty and I believe wholeheartedly in being fair.  Therefore, only honest and fair opinions will be given.

Reviews I give will clearly state within the article whether I have received compensation.

Any links on my blog were attached in good faith. The Mummy Dementia accepts no responsibility for content on linked sites.

The information I give on my site was relevant at time of publishing please check external websites carefully before engaging in any transactions.

We love having family time, having fun, starting new adventures and experiencing things together, so if your planning on inviting me to America (Florida seems a nice place!!!!) or on a Cruise (please no, I’m petrified of drowning), then remember the whole family will need to come and be involved – Blogger Babies (x2), Daddy, Bumpy and Mummy, at present I don’t have to concern myself with school holidays but Daddy would need to book time of work.

I look forward to working with you
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