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Blogger Babies and Mummy believe in sharing resources and ideas to enable the best possible care and support of our vulnerable.

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We all like to get emails and letters, I particularly like parcels, so if you have any reason to contact me or the Blogger Babies please do by sending an email.

Please be warned that I do sometimes get a little bogged down with day to day and think I've replied, this is caused by my Mild Cognitive Impairment... I will get around to it!

I will happily talk about most things…

Then again you might want to talk to me about my not so secret James Corden crush and love of Coffee, adding more fun activities into your care home, nutrition for the elderly, or why I love Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Coolers even in winter (brain freeze…)

You can always talk to me on Twitter, or on Facebook and if you are really wanting to know about activities, and nutrition then you might consider taking a look my boards on Pinterest too.

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