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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

GUEST BLOG - Chef Dave - Week 1:Day 3 - Balance

Menu - Week 1 – Balanced Range

For this week we are looking at the Balanced Range of Foods, through all my menu’s and Recipe of the Week(s) I aim to be inclusive of the following dietary requirements.

·         Low Salt

·         1 (or more) of 5 a day

·         Low Fat

·         Vegetarian

·         Low Sugar

·         Reduced Fat

·         High Protein

·         Gluten Fee

·         Low Saturated Fat

·         Low Carb

*though please remember, you will be the best person to know if something is suitable for you.

Fibre is an important component of a healthy balanced diet. We get fibre from plant-based foods, but it's not something the body can absorb.

This means fibre is not a nutrient and contains no calories or vitamins.
  • Fibre helps your digestive system to process food and absorb nutrients.
  • Fibre can help to lower blood cholesterol.
  • Fibre makes you feel fuller and so helps to control your appetite.

I’ve tried to keep the menu’s simple to allow for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, all are high in nutrition and packed full of flavour.


Quinoa Porridge & Nuts
Chicken Pate on Melba Toast
Apple Sponge
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
Succulent vegetables roasted in a rich red wine sauce, layered with pasta and topped with a delicious sauce of Regato and Cheddar cheese.
Black Forest Rice Pudding
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