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Monday, 16 January 2017

Wife fighting dementia aged just 39

Laura Borrell, 39, from Hertfordshire, has been diagnosed with frontotemporal degenerative dementia and is fundraising so that she can make memories with her husband before hers are ‘taken away’.

The Fundraising is so that Laura and her husband can have one last road trip before her memories are ‘taken away’.

Laura, had to give up a law degree and became afraid to leave the house when she found herself easily confused, forgetful and struggled with her speech.

In June 2015 tests revealed she had frontotemporal degenerative dementia - a condition very rarely seen in anyone under the age 65.

Medics do not know how quickly her cognitive functions will decline, but Laura Borrell, has been warned she will lose her short-term memory, forget familiar people and eventually become reliant on her husband.

The couple have now created a Go Fund Me page in the hope of raising funds so they can go on a road trip around America before Mrs Borrell's memory declines.

They have raised £1,600 so far and say they are in a 'race against time' to create special memories together.
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