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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bed-blocking patient evicted after two years 'did not want to stay'

On the BBC News and on the BBC News website yesterday was an article with the headline ‘Bed-blocking patient evicted after two years 'did not want to stay'’

Many readers were aghast, with over 703 shares via Facebook alone and comments ranging from downright disgust to racism, but most of the comments were just offensive.

Examples of Facebook Comments:
Mary wrote: He was having a lovely time being waited on hand and foot with no living expenses and manipulating the system. Nothing to do with politics whatsoever, you saddos.

Rhiannon wrote: Or he's a paralysed man also with mental health problems now in a flat with no central heating or carpets or curtains as the article mentions. The problem is the inadequate care post hospital - the stuff the Red Cross was talking about.

Greg wrote: Immigrants are scum

Dianne wrote: Oh it's all those " immigrunts" bed blocking that are causing the failures in the NHS. The BBC has found another scapegoat story to cover up for the WORST CARPETBAGGER TORY GOVERNMENT EVER.

With Stuart writing: Scapegoat? so they report facts and you still ignore them and try and blame the goverment https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v7/fd0/1/16/1f602.png😂 ? Erm is he an immigrant and was he bedblocking for 2 years at the cost of £400 a day... yes! and I can't see how the goverment could be to blame for any of those things
But did anyone really read the article properly?   

Adriano Guedes, 63, who suffers paralysis after a stroke in 2008 stated that he did not want to stay and "tried to get out of there".

Mr Guedes told the BBC, "I didn't want to stay, and they forced me to stay." Mr Guedes said he was initially admitted to hospital on mental health grounds, rather than because of a physical problem.

Is this just another example of the NHS twisting the facts to promote themselves in a positive light?

It may be a case that this article by the BBC will and can highlight yet again the case of lack of proper care. What I find interesting is that initially this man was admitted for Mental welfare reasons. Yet the hospital is twisting this if you read the article.  What the elderly Mr Guedes is stating I feel is more in truth, that he wished to leave but could not!
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