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Saturday, 14 January 2017


PALS - Patient Advice and Liaison Service

Who are PALS, and what is it they do?

PALS is the Patient Advice and Liaison Service, they are there to help, offer advice and support or raise a concern with.

PALS aims to help patients, their relatives, friends, carers and advocates with their questions or concerns about health and health related services.

Predominantly, the advice and information PALS can offer is regarding NHS Community Services.  But if you don't know where to get help, give them a call.

PALS Team aims to
  • sort out problems quickly on your behalf
  • listen and respond to your concerns, questions and queries
  • provide a voice for your experiences
  • supply information of NHS Services.
PALS are a "go between" when handling patient and family concerns, liaising with staff, managers and, where appropriate, relevant organisations to negotiate or prompt solutions.

Where necessary they can refer patients and families to specific local or national support agencies.

They can also help you raise concerns and guide you through the Complaints Procedure, and give you information about NHS Independent Advocacy Services.

Most local hospitals have a PALS office so contact your local hospital main switchboard or follow the link to search for your nearest PALS - LINK
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