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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Need to call 999 but can't talk? Here's what you should do

Calling 999 when there's a risk

With the number of home intrusions that have been reported this month in our local area, we felt as a foundation that it would be responsible to report on how to safely contact the emergency service when the slightest of noise could put you at further risk.

We all know to call 999 in an emergency, but what if you are in a situation where the slightest noise would put you in even more danger - how do you tell the operator you need help?

Well, according to police, pressing '55' will let the operator know that the call is genuine and they will then alert the authorities.

There have been previous warnings that emergency services won't attend to a silent call automatically, as it may be due to a misdial.

However, they are reminding people that they can alert the police without actually talking. 

Known as Silent Solutions, the caller will first be asked which emergency services they require. If you remain silent they will then ask you to cough or make some noise to indicate that you do need help. 
If you continue to remain silent, you will be transferred to an automated service which will ask you to press '55' if your call is an emergency. 

If you do nothing, the call will be cancelled. 
"Please do not think that just because you dial 999 that police will attend," a police spokesperson said to the Express and Echo.  

"We totally understand that sometimes people are unable or too afraid to talk, however it must be clear that we will not routinely attend a silent 999 call."
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