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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Lack of training for professionals in the Mental Capacity Act leaves vulnerable people compromised!

Lack of training for professionals in the Mental Capacity Act leaves vulnerable people compromised

I am fairly certain that there will be a fair amount of research and statistics in how many people are not being properly consulted when discussions are being made about them.

Through our own contacts, experiences and knowledge we know many people are not properly supported in making decisions.

It all comes down to a lack of awareness and understanding of the Mental Capacity Act on the part of health and social professionals. which partly leads to blame and leads to Mental Capacity errors. Not only is there a lack of understanding of what a Mental Capacity Assessment is, but many people seem to confuse the Mental Capacity Act with the Mental Health Act. The two things are not the same.

It will come as no surprise to many of us in this field that recently a family whose relative was in hospital questioned whether a Mental Capacity Assessment had been carried out prior to various meetings with the discharge team and with the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment team.  The reply from the nurse, is both shocking and confirmation of the lack of understanding around Mental Capacity, she said that that Mental Capacity Assessments don’t apply to people with dementia – and that for people with dementia the only thing that matters is an assessment of their financial means.

Even without the last part of her comment, it’s a shocking example of what goes on.

In response, to this lack of training and/or clear understanding is The Edith Ellen Foundation Mental Capacity Act 2005 Conference, 30 March 2017.

A decade on from this legislation coming into force (April 2007), our conference will address what is right and what is wrong.

Our conference will be a free resource for professionals in Healthcare (Advocates, IMCA’s, Professionals working in Community Care, Adult Social Care, Healthcare, Service Providers - Nursing and Residential, Local Authority Safeguarding Services, Regulatory Bodies, Voluntary Organisations and Charities), and those accessing the service.

To book your place please go to –
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