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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rebelling against Age

My own father, always states to anyone who will listen or ask, that his aim in life is to “grow old disgracefully” and to be honest he’s very accomplished at this.   

So, when I was introduced to Vive Health whose own mission is to help seniors and baby boomers rebel against age, I knew I had found a brilliant partnership.
Logo for Vive Health
Vive Health’s mission is to help seniors & baby boomer rebel against age. They provide premium home medical equipment direct, cutting out the middle man.

Vive Health provide aids to support those staying at home remain as independent as possible across America.  Though, The Edith Ellen Foundation are not an American Organisation, we felt that in partnership we could achieve our own mission of caring for older people in care homes and the community as they would like, through our kindness in care.

There is also a fantastic blog section within their website and I found that their article ‘99 Activities for Elderly & Seniors [Ultimate List]’ written by Jessica Hegg was so transferrable that it could really benefit Older People around the world.
Banner for 99 Activities for older people

Please, go take a look for yourself, and though I can’t promise that those outside of the United States will be able to purchase any of Vive Health’s products I’m sure in the future this will be a welcome addition to their marketing.

There is a wide range of supports and aids to look at including Mobility Aid's, Livings Aid's and Supports.

After seeking permission Vive Health agreed that I could share their mission and vision and I have included them now on our resources page as a valuable resource.

The Edith Ellen Foundation is a charity and is completely volunteer led, if you would like to support the Foundation you can donate via our PayPal or you can volunteer via our contact us page

To follow Vive Health on Twitter @vivehealthusa
Vive Health also have an informative YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhZOIiPtaiTvQcxca9a9jg/featured 

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