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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Ways to Take Care of Older People or Ones with Diseases

Ways to Take Care of Older People or Ones with Diseases

Although not common, some individuals are met with a disease that may place them on a bed with no ability to do anything for themselves without another person to help them. Most times, a caretaker will be placed beside them that will do tasks that are usually done for older people, such as bringing them food, cleaning their covers and mattress, and sometimes even having to feed them. Some diseases disable people which makes it hard for them to feed themselves, which is why you should know how to properly take care of older people or ones with diseases before you are put in this situation.

Feed Them Slowly

An essential step in taking care of these individuals is feeding and this step is most often done wrong. People who have never taken care of other people may feed their patient too slow or too fast, since they don’t know the speed at which they should feed, since they aren’t feeding themselves. If you don’t know the right speed, the best way is to feed them slower than you would normally feed them and this should normally work best.

Preparing Food

When preparing food for your patient, don’t choose a menu that you would think that they will enjoy, but rather a type of food that they can eat and digest easily. As each bite may be painful or hard, it is important that you choose a type of food that is easily chewable such as a soft meal which is mostly liquid and not hard.

Make Them Feel Valued

This is one of the most important steps, as they will often feel very depressed if they are put in the situation they are placed in. Make them feel valued, so that they will keep fighting to live as possible and not give up, as that is what most often happens if their caretaker does everything hastily and doesn’t make the patient feel valued.
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