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Sunday, 2 October 2016


Here is a quick guide to Panic Attacks

Try a breathing exercise - Breathe deeply into your stomach, then breathe out slowly, make your out-breath longer than your in-breath.  Repeat until you feel calm

Reassure yourself - Tell yourself that all the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by anxiety, it is not dangerous and will pass.  This can help you feel calmer and less fearful of future attacks.

Confide in someone - Try talking to someone you trust about how you feel

Join a support group - This can be a useful way of meeting people who understand what you are experiencing.  You can share feelings and discuss coping strategies together.

Shift your focus - Look at a flower, a picture or something that you find interesting ot comforting.  Really notice the details, the colours and any smells or sounds.

Listen to music - Listening to relaxing music can help you feel calmer.

Keep a diary - Note what happens each time you get anxious.  This can help you spot patterns and see what triggers you panic attacks.

Create your own coping card - When you feel anxious, it can be hard to remember coping strategies that you have learned.  It can be useful to write them down on a small card (e.g. phone mum, do my breathing exercises) and keep this in your bag or wallet.

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