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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Physical Activity

Here is a quick guide to Physical Activity

Short of time?

Try a brisk 18-minute walk twice a day to the office, school gates or just around the grounds of your home. Small increases in activity are easier to maintain and will give you a sense of success.

Do something you enjoy

It could be dancing around the kitchen, a ball game or dog walking – anything. If you find it fun, you are more likely to want to keep doing it.

Explore the outdoors

Outside activities like cycling or gardening can improve your sense of grounding and perspective.

Pace yourself

Build up gradually. Too much exercise can make stress worse or cause an injury. If it motivates you, set challenging but achievable goals.

Racing thoughts?

Solo sports like running or swimming can help you get some time to yourself to think things over, away from everyday stresses.

Want to clear your head?

Concentrating on playing a team sport or competitive game, such as football or tennis, can help turn your focus away from your worries. And might not even feel like exercise.

Think positively

Celebrate any progress you make, however small

Can’t get going?

Try joining a club or class.  Other people can help you get motivated and it’s a great way to meet new people. Or, if you want to, take a friend with you for support.