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Monday, 3 October 2016

A Village Just for People with Dementia!

The video below by CNN describes a special village in the Netherlands designed for people living with severe dementia.

It's 24 minutes long but very moving and well worth watching. 
(If you already know a lot about dementia you can skip the last third).

I wish the UK had such a place to live in – where residents could move freely around a neighbourhood that looks like a real neighbourhood, shop in grocery stores on their own or with a caregiver (no prices, no money!), get their hair cut in a "real" beauty shop, and be surrounded by staff who are trained to communicate with a person with a cognitive impairment.

Over the last few years, since I began working with The Edith Ellen Foundation, I have heard about these villages, but I had never seen a video.

I'm happy today to share this one with you.

Such alternatives to traditional assisted living and nursing home care are the future of dementia care – and elder care in general.

How could this kind of village become a reality in your town, your city, your neighbourhood?

Let's think big!

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