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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Care Home Activities

All too often we see Care Homes solely catering for the Care needs of a person.  Yes, we concede, this should be expected hence they are Care Home after all. However, there should also be a level of focus on activities.

Activities and Activity Programs which can help residents gain new knowledge, gain or improve skills, make their time more enjoyable etc. are equally important.

As a care provider or care giver you need to be looking for ideas on activities or programs that will enable (not disable) the resident.

Below are a few simple cost effective ideas to support an activities program within your service.

1.    Reviving Old Skills
Anything good related to past can provide great relief.

Try to examine what their favourite activities were, what actually attracted them or what they used to do in their spare time.

If someone loved gardening but stopped the same because of old age, then you can help the person regain the habit of it.

This can certainly bring a great level of change in the patient too.

If the person is not that suitable for gardening then you can stimulate the interest or talk more of the same (for instance, you can take the suggestions, recommendations, advice) as this can positively build in them the interest they have lost long back.

2.    Learning New Things
Learning new things can bring great fun.

Identify the interests of the residents. Try to know more about what they may want to do or what can incite them to take part in the care home activities program.

One of the best examples goes here: For residents who are not aware of the latest mobile apps (such as Skype and Messenger) that can help them stay connected with their family and friends, you can arrange a demonstration class. You can talk about how particular apps can be used and how those apps can benefit them etc.

3.    Education
Education is not connected to age.

There is always something to learn.

Pick some interesting things and start with the basics so that they can get the grip of what is being taught.

Ask a local school to come along and teach the residents something they’ve learned, why not combine two enjoyments in one!

Education can lead on to Learning New Skills…

4.    Learning New Skills
Learning a new skill is always considered the best use of time.

A new activity or a new skill program can help them stay more active and can bring back in their life happiness that is gone.

The staff should pay attention to people’s interested before they arrange any new skill learning program.

If an activity is chosen that is not effective in attracting the residents, then it would be waste of time.

Those few who have shown interest will also go away from it. Therefore, be careful when you arrange any new skill program.

5.    Games
Games can be more beneficial.

You can arrange indoor or outdoor games for the residents.

If there is someone who plays chess, then try to match his expertise or arrange a partner.

Or the nursing home staff can focus more on outdoor games which may not make them exhausted.

Morning walk or evening walk can be turned into a game. For instance, you can ask the residents to go take the round of the place and come back within the allotted time etc. this can bring a lot of health benefits too.

With these 5 simple ideas, you can create an enjoyable and cost effective Activities Program for any service provider.  Friends and relatives can also join in, I recently watched a very family friendly game of “Go Fish” get residents and their relatives laughing and enjoying their afternoon.

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