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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Tips for visiting someone with Dementia

If you’re planning to visit someone with dementia, do you wonder, “What’s the point of visiting when they won’t even remember?” But just like us, people with dementia enjoy spending time with family and old friends.

Here some other ways to make the most out of your visits:

·         Visits between a half-hour and an hour are best, especially for those who tire easily.
·         Give a manicure, massage hands and feet with cream, give a facial, shave or apply make-up. Such activities help the person with dementia feel cared for.
·         If you did it before still do it - attend religious services together
·         Help with phone calls, sending birthday cards and gifts.
·         Create a small herb garden in window still pots.
·         Go for a walk or a drive together.
·         Look through family pictures. Be sure to say “tell me more” when they talk about a memory.
·         Listen to music and sing along to old favourites.
·         Read out loud.
·         Bring a child or pet along to watch.

Do you have any favourite activities from visiting your friend or family member? Share them below.

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