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Friday, 7 October 2016

Dementia and Alzheimer’s – The Edith Ellen Foundation Kindness in Care Campaign

The Edith Ellen Foundation through our Kindness in Care Campaign is raising awareness around the world of this degenerative and heart-breaking disease, it’s surprising to note that there is little coverage in the mainstream media.

Has Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia in all its forms now become so common it’s no longer worthy of a high profile?

The sad and distressing answer is probably “that yes”; it has now become a common health battle that most families face at some point.

The Alzheimer’s Society estimate that there are over 850,000 people living with some form of dementia in the UK, and of those 527,000 have Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia seems to have become such a common health issue that it no longer warrants the media attention that’s so desperately needed to further educate the world.

Dementia, in whatever specific form it may take, presents a complex and changeable set of symptoms that are often accompanied by other health issues. According to one report, 70% of dementia sufferers face the challenge of added health conditions including high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, stroke or TIA, and diabetes.

Promoting a person’s independence becomes increasingly challenging as their memory and decision-making ability declines, but what about managing conditions such as diabetes that requires a specific set of testing and medication routines to effectively manage it?

Carers have previously reported that issues are addressed in isolation when they seek help, leaving them with the responsibility of managing the bigger health and wellbeing picture as well as raising concerns.

Over the next few weeks we plan on publishing a number of articles highlighting

  • The Signs and Symptoms of this disease.
  • What are the complications when caring for someone with Dementia?
  • When does self-management stop being an option?
  • How we feel and think as an Organisation treatments and care pathways need to change.
We will also be looking at

  • Why Music Therapy is so essential
  • What Art in Care means?

  • How we can combat Loneliness in the Elderly
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