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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Marion Duffy – A tribute to love

Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words
And missed beyond measure

When John Duffy married Marion he took his marriage vows very seriously.

He promised that in sickness he would always look after her, and he kept that promise through all the last eight years after her illness had taken hold of both of their lives.

He made sure that he did everything in his power to keep his promised, day and night, 24hrs a day seven days a week.

Each night John never left her side; he simply shared her night with her as he sat up in his chair beside her bed, watching over her.

In all of this time, the local authority only granted him 2hrs a week break!

John made sure that Marion wanted for nothing.

When she was neglected both John and Adeline fought tooth and nail for better care.

Thanks to John and Marion that legacy of the true love between them lives on in the shadows of the Edith Ellen Foundation’s Case Study which shows how awful care can be outside of the loving environment that John created around her at home.

The Foundation hope that as he faces the emotional chasm of Marion’s funeral and afterwards, that he remembers only the good times together and not the ravages of her illness and uncaring treatment, as continuously and throughout all those years he cared for her with such undying love and kindness, that is his very own testimony of an undying love story to Marion.

Marion, was a true inspiration and with the love and support of John the Edith Ellen Foundation has grown its ethos that the provision of outstanding care should be the objective of every provider; the receipt of outstanding care should be the right of every individual who needs it.

Our love and thoughts are with John and Marion’s family at this difficult time.
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