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Friday, 21 October 2016

Role of Technology for People with Dementia and Dementia Care Profession

Role of Technology for People with Dementia and Dementia Care Profession

In the 21st century, technology has grown and grown and is now “big business”, also Dementia is common, very common these days. So how can one help the other?

We can find many people who show its effects. In simple words, it can be defined as the decline in mental ability. The affected person will show tendency to forget things.

Memory loss can be taken as one of the examples of it. Of all types of mental illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease is a well-known type of Dementia.

Life with dementia can be very problematic. Forgetfulness or loss of memory can cause a lot of trouble.

Even for the carers, managing people with dementia can be a very difficult task.

However, with the use of the technology today in treatment and providing dementia care services, some of its severe effects have been eliminated.

Here, in this article, we have brought for you some useful applications which really bring about a great change in treatment of this disease and help both the patients and the caregivers.

Brain Training Applications

Just search in Google with the keyword Brain Training Applications and you are sure to find a plenty of applications which can be much more suitable for the people suffering from Alzheimer.

Some of the best applications such as Brain Jog, Brain Trainer, Brain Metrix and many other applications can be of great help. It is true that majority of the brain training applications are built around learning and improvement but, you can always find apps which can be more suitable for your loved one.

Game Applications

There are various game apps which can be downloaded for free. Many of the people with dementia feel lonely and find it difficult to pass their time but with some interesting mind games or other entertaining games of their choice, boredom from their life can be eliminated. And this will also help in keeping them busy and joyful too.

Two Popular Applications

RemindMe Care App” is one of the best apps which every person affected with dementia should have. This app helps maintain family connections, communication etc. With access to all information, members of the family can focus more on quality care for their loved one. It is a revolutionary technology that really has made it much simpler to improve person’s care and provide memory support that is required. Family can have the opportunity to focus more on the activities and get the reports too. There are various things which can be done using this app.

MindMate is another app which can be used by the people affected with Dementia. It can bring a lot of benefits for the patients. This is free to download too. It makes remote monitoring simple. Family can check the status or the reports anytime they want to.

Web Applications

Apart from mobile applications, there are various web platforms which offer easy and entertaining way of learning things. If you are a patient with dementia or if you are looking for some useful applications for one of your loved one then you can also focus on apps such as Dakim Brain Fitness, Book of You, JustChecking, Talking Pen and many others.
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