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Sunday, 4 December 2016

To Stay or to Go...

... that really is the question

When looking at what is best for you and your family you have to seriously ask yourself is Care at home or Care in a home better for me.

There are two types:

·         Care homes without nursing care that provide help and assistance with personal care.

·         Care homes with nursing care that have registered nurses and experienced care assistants.

Both are places where you can live (often with a spouse if the Local Authority agree and it’s acceptable by the care provider) and have your care needs met by trained staff (sometimes).

Some also have accommodation and support for older people with dementia.

Care home decisions pro's and con's

Pros and cons of moving to a care home

O Trained staff are always on hand. 
This isn’t necessarily true based on available information the level of training is dependent on the Service Provider

O You’ll always have company.

O There will often be organised activities
if you lucky enough to find a home that delivers on this promise

O No need to worry about utility bills, meals and household chores.

O It’s safe and secure. 
Again, not necessarily true, based on reports of neglect and abuse

X All your belongings will need to fit in one room.

X You may feel that you’ve lost some of your independence.
You will no longer have any independence as everyone else will assume they know you better and what is best for you

X Pets might not be allowed.

X You may not enjoy the company of the other residents in the home.

Pros and cons of receiving home care

·         Regular visits from a home care worker to help with personal care, shopping and preparing meals.

·         Other services include meals on wheels, monitored personal alarms and household equipment to help with everyday tasks.

·         Local day centres where you can socialise and enjoy various activities, with transport available to get you there.

O You get to stay in your own home.

O The value of your home isn’t considered when calculating how much you have to pay towards your care.

O You’ll stay close to what’s familiar to you.

O You retain full control over the care and support you receive.

X It can be lonely.

X Despite alarm systems and regular visits from carers, you can still be at risk.

X Home modifications and equipment can be unsightly and can affect the value of your property.

X You may not like support workers coming into your home.
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