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Friday, 2 December 2016

Consistent Leadership

A note from our Founder - 
Moving towards a culture that is authentic and humane
Within an environment where people are free to give their best
 Moving towards a culture that is authentic and humane Within an environment where people are free to give their best

When people are subjected to unacceptable levels of duress, and experience control by fear, bullying and intimidation, rarely does Social Care take protective action on people’s behalf and address their concerns.

Generally, there are no swift, effective, and satisfactory conclusions, and people in that care, continue to suffer and live for several months, if not years, within the confines of continue worries of retribution. 

To turn around the crisis in Social Care and stop the unnecessary and untimely deaths it brings, care services urgently needs to look in on itself and to find solutions that will genuinely be trusted.

Since the Foundation received its Charity Status it has listened to many people’s real life stories of good and bad social care; it has researched a range of national and global opinions and innovations on care, analyzed the whole structure of the NHS, and reported on the proposals the NHS Constitution, for all the relevant Health and Social Care Legislation, Safeguarding and Whistleblowing directives, and developed systems.

Whilst it acknowledges it does not have all the answers, the Foundation strongly believes that fresh ideas and better ways of working within sound and methodical principles of Kindness in Holistic Care, will go a long way to improving care standards, and bring greater transparency and protection against abuse and neglect.

The Foundation’s Kindness Audit was developed to allow management and staff, residents and their families to talk to us with freedom of expression and in confidence, to:

·         Remove any emphasis that might be placed on the assumption of what people want for their nursing and care systems, without ever asking them
·         Gather a true insight into working and living in care by listened to people’s fears, anxieties and their own ideas on designing services that were meaningful to them,
·         Find a base line from which to start working towards shared relationships in care that are supported by developing individual action plans that would bring effective benefits of wellbeing and self –worth to all
·         Be that catalysis for everyone to identify and influence the real problems in social care. By facing, sharing and finding together, the meaningful practical, beneficial and sustainable solutions and outcomes for seeing improvements in the consistency of care

quality of the training and lack of urgent nursing and care in the communityI think for me it is the quality of the training and lack of urgent nursing and care in the community when it is needed that worries me. The Foundation is aware of what is happening with the lack of joined up care in the community and the added lack of proper treatment, support and understanding for people with complex health conditions, I fear it will simply result in isolating our frail and vulnerable people even more and, what we believe we are now seeing, - huge increases in people dying from Dementia. Very little care is focused around delivering better attitudes and approaches to people that are confused, anxious and frightened.  

That is why the Foundation has Kindness in Care focused on a training syllabus over and beyond the requirements of the CQC. It looks to prevent the "Perch Problems" which can lead to dysfunctional and disconnected managers, staff who are undervalued and demotivated from lack of management support, and poor performances from services where they rely on individuals rather than effective and attentive management and staff teams delivering excellent care together.

Unless we start bucking the current trends in community where many are not getting the basic care they need, we might well be looking at care that could see these "Community Villages" becoming our worst nightmare - Ghettos of abandoned and neglected older and ill people left to fend by themselves or with help from some kind neighbours.  

Let’s get all care workers trained and certified as outstanding.  Our goal to do so is through our support, training and development programme, getting management and teams respecting and working together in harmony, focused on the individual needs of people in their care, in an environment that endorses those caring people that dedicate their care for other.
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