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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nothing Changes

A coin depicting that nothing changes within the UK Care System and the CQC

So, inspections come and go, often homes will be passed at the shock of staff that really know what goes on and relatives that are too scared to talk for fear of eviction of loved ones.

Care Providers congratulate themselves on a “job well done” and increase prices while the standard of Care is reduced and food quality is lowered.

Of course, Directors get their bonuses, managers get their new cars and those off the “shop floor” get a pay rise while those on the “shop floor” see nothing!

So, what needs to change?

For starters, forget chandeliers and posh furnishings, services users would prefer the money went on adequate staff numbers so they can get their bell answered quickly, get to the loo etc.

Staff are not being retained for a reason, and surprisingly it's not pay as they know this before the job starts. It is in fact the lack of support and training, not being given the time to care properly etc.

Computer e learning should be banned, it doesn’t teach how to be caring and unlike a trainer it isn’t perceptive enough to understand or see how learners are reacting.  Training should be on the job, have a scenario and see what staff pick up on that patients care plan etc and what is done wrong.  Have the staff themselves identify concerns and how they need to be addressed in the safest possible way.

Stop putting untrained workers in situations they are ill equipped to cope with.  Training, should be ideally where possible off site and for a minimum of 3days intensive.  Then an additional 12 weeks on the floor where training is assessed, skill, knowledge and understanding is signed off against criteria set.  The full 13-week program could be the probation period, the incentive a pay increase on satisfactory completion.

Nutrition, food should be plentiful and often, and of right textures.  Jugs filled with fresh drink twice a day.

Each Service Users is paying a lot of money per week (more than the average monthly rental* of a 4-bedroom house) to be supported and to maintain the routine they had at home, and yes if they are used to a shower at midnight, then why not?

How many patients are on sedating medication, when was this last reviewed?

How many of these things do inspectors look at?

Do inspectors look at call bell time answered history?

Homes should have a manager or deputy on 7 days a week, receptionist 7 days a week and all day so Nursing and care staff don't take this on.

Cleaners, what is wrong with having just 1 around doing quiet things at night such ironing or sorting clothes out for respective service users, whilst being there if needed for little cleaning incidents.

For money paid and service received wouldn't a breakdown of cost per patient to profit made be interesting?

How many people can be taken for a short walk in the fresh air, or the posh gardens seen in the brochure with loads of people out there with cakes and lemonade, just for show again of course.  What an excellent ploy…

Think Advertising Standards Agency should be looking in to brochure promises and care delivered. Care home reviews filtered to show only good ones as well, nothing changes.

*Just for comparison and clarity

Care/Residential Home

Privately Rented
4-Bedroom House
The difference
“Rent” per week £631
= £32,812per 52 weeks
Rent per week £200.77
= £10,440per 52 weeks
£430.23 per week
£22,372 per 52 weeks
Number of resident’s average at 28 per home
Number of resident’s average at 4 per home
That’s 24 more people in the Care/Residential home

But that is also 27 more people paying £631 per week
£631 per week x 28 residents’
= £17,668 per week
The rent would still be the same no matter how many people live here
With a “rental” income of £17,668 per week this equals £918,736 per 52 weeks for the care home
Bills are inclusive
You need to find the extra to pay bills

All your belongings need to fit into one small room
Though your home hasn’t got elastic walls you can spread your personal belongings around a few rooms

Toileting has a timetable – you pee when the care staff decide you pee
You can get up and use your bathroom as you need
In a private home, no one dictates to you your toileting habits

In care if you’re not scheduled to toilet then your unlucky and may have to soil yourself
Hydration is on a set timetable
Thirsty? How about a cuppa
Ditto to the above
Nutrition – its barely palatable but you get 3 meals a day
Hungry? Fancy a biscuit with your cuppa?
Ditto to the above
Bathing timetable – you can bath on Mondays at 5pm and Fridays at 8am if we have the staff available
Feeling dirty grab a quick shower, fancy a soak at 10pm why not
Ditto to the above
Its inclusive in the weekly fee
Need care? The average pay is about £30,000 per year for full time
Its more cost effective go into a care home but the pro’s and cons far out weigh this
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