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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Sensory stimulation

Sensory stimulation
Sensory stimulation is important for people with dementia, and can improve wellbeing and quality of life. During the later stages of dementia, people often develop increased difficulties with reasoning and language, meaning that they may be unable to process information or communicate through words. They will still have some or all of their senses. There are various things you can do to stimulate these senses:
·         Encourage the person to touch or stroke pieces of fabric, dolls or cuddly toys.

·         Try giving the person a hand massage. This can be very soothing for those who enjoy touch. Some people may enjoy using a scented oil such as lavender, although not everyone will like the feel of the oil.

·         Continue to take the time to sit and talk to the person or to read out loud. Being with somebody sends out a powerful message that they are valued.

·         Help the person to position themselves so that they can see a fish tank, or a window with a nice view. This may have a calming effect.

·         Make sure the person has a regular change of scenery and the stimulation of fresh air and the outdoor environment.

·         If you are visiting a person living in a care home, you can help the person to feel included and active. You might like to take a short walk with them, even if it is just down the corridor, or to bring in something of interest from outside the care home such as flowers or a seashell.
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