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Monday, 12 December 2016

Activities at home

Activities at home
Activities around the home and garden are very important to people with dementia. They help people feel involved, provide a sense of normality and can help a person's self-esteem because it shows they can still manage useful tasks. These activities can be enjoyable and can be adapted to a person's abilities. It may be that they can be continued with the help of a family member, or with reminders about what needs to be done. There are lots of tasks both indoors and outdoors that can provide opportunity for meaningful activity, such as washing up, dusting, or potting and watering plants. Reading aloud to a person with dementia who enjoys books and newspapers can also be a good joint activity.

People may enjoy activities that reflect past interests and hobbies, and they can be a good way of retaining skills. Examples include cooking a favourite meal or helping in the garden. The end result may not be perfect, but this is less important than the sense of achievement and involvement.
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