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Thursday, 8 December 2016

QR Code to Track Dementia Patients

QR code to track dementia patients

It’s no secret that Alzheimer’s and dementia has the ability to rob seniors of their independence.

I recently read an article on the BBC News website where a company in Japan is keeping track of elderly dementia sufferers by attaching barcodes containing personal information to their fingers and toes.


This is a web based service dedicated to helping those with memory loss and cognitive impairments lead an independent and healthy quality of life while living with their loved ones and care givers.

Many individuals who have been diagnosed with cognitive disorders, like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases, are still living at home with their loved ones. Those loved ones are also doubling as their caregiver.

This QR code is a Digital Emergency Contact Card complete with all pertinent information to help your loved one get home safely if they have lost their way or forgot where they live.

This made me think, do we in the UK have anything similar and if not then why not?

I researched further and found a different article on the AlzLive website http://alzlive.com/news/world/qr-codes-help-seniors-get-home-safely/

And then again on http://helpthemhome.com/

What crossed my mind was why can’t I find anything pertaining to the UK and this concept – has someone, somewhere decided that this can’t be done?  And if so why, so they can slap a DoLS on them instead???
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