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Friday, 16 December 2016

Activities during the later stages of dementia

Activities during the later stages of dementia
As a person's dementia progresses, they will still be able to carry out some tasks that are very familiar to them, but will probably be more interested in the process of doing the activity than in the end result. Activities can be simplified so they are still manageable.

Tips for finding an activity
·         Look for activities that are stimulating but that don't involve too many challenges or choices.

·         Dementia often affects people's concentration so they may not be able to focus on what they are doing for very long. It may be a good idea to do activities in short bursts.

·         Dementia can affect a person's motivation. You may have to help them get started, but try not to be disheartened if they seem uninterested in the activity. It may be worth coming back to the activity later or trying a different activity.

·         Break instructions down and try to make sure each step of the task is simple.

·         Try to think of activities that involve an easy, repetitive action and simple steps, such as sweeping, dusting or watering plants.

·         People with dementia can sometimes crave a sense of structure, so folding or sorting things can be simple but rewarding tasks.

·         Focusing on 'normal' everyday life, such as helping to dust or tidy up the garden, is important in giving people a sense of feeling useful and valued.
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