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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Chief Inspector of Services at the CQC Andrea Sutciffe

I would like to pick up on this recent comment by The Chief Inspector of Services at the CQC Andrea Sutciffe which states:

“As we improve the way we monitor and inspect care services we will explore how we can collect information to give us a greater insight into this issue which we know worries the public and can be an important indicator of a service struggling to provide good care. This will help us to focus our inspection activity and encourage improvement. We will also continue to use our enforcement powers to take action against providers where appropriate for the benefit of those using services.”

One of the problems that the Foundation and care faces, are finding the right person and organisation that can trust that wants to listen and wants to put into place the practical improvements that could so easily be made.
So from the perspective of the Edith Ellen Foundation how much more information does the CQC need to act on? They appear to waste so many good opportunities for helping to improve care. They profess to listening, but they don’t. If they did, they would not be sending out yet another appeal for the information, when they already have already received more than enough. It is their action that is needed.

It is now 18 months since we approached the CQC with our evidence of abuse and neglect and in real terms we still do not have guarantees of consistent care.

The Foundation, however, has not allowed the reluctance of the CQC to act, from standing in our way of finding a resolve to abysmal care. But as you appreciate, sometime it takes a little longer to find alternative solutions to historic situation and lay the seeds of care which will always warrant trust and safety in those services.

Our Kindness Audit looks to highlight the lowering standards of care and increase high expectations of the provision of excellent care which ultimately will benefit the community and the care industry. Through this quantative tool for designing services around people it therefore provides the provision of outstanding care which should be the object of every care provider and the right of every individual that requires it. Throughout the entire care industry, it will aid education and support for consistent and trusted care.

The Foundation has established the Training Matrix and Training Syllabus for One Standard for Care Workers which seeks to change the way people see care and to bring consistency in care standards across the broad spectrum of services.

Training which exceeds CQC Standards and Guidelines as a standard of excellence in relationship activated care, to certify carers that are valued and celebrated for delivering consistently outstanding, individual and meaningful care services.

By bringing a true understanding, warmth, sincerity and appreciation of who people are as individuals, and time, respect and encouragement for them to become involved in their own care relationships.

We are now looking to encourage people to recognise all its benefits and to help us with funding for the Foundation’s training’s accreditation. Which once obtained, will allow the Foundation to start introducing better safer care for everyone and the freedom for all of us to express views and opinions to achieve a provision of the type of care we need our families need and future generations will need.
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