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Monday, 21 November 2016

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

So what happened about the 2013 NHS Constitution and the Pledges it was supposed to make?

The Edith Ellen Foundation responded to this and gave a complete breakdown on the reasons why little was understood of the NHS mechanics by those that attempt to change NHS systems.

Unfortunately, many of our predictions of the expected outcomes were intelligent and robust.

So now we have this below, and we have to ask what is the point when

a) the problems are well known and documented


b) when little changes because those that have the influence and power to make don't want to listen and address the real issues?

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) will be subject to 'full consultation' with patient groups, the health secretary suggested yesterday, appearing to go further than commitments in NHS England guidance.

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

Responding to health questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Jeremy Hunt gave an assurance that patients would be fully consulted on STP proposals, which could include service reconfigurations, closures and mergers.

Asked by Tory backbencher Sir Henry Bellingham to ‘confirm that there will be full consultation with different patient groups on the STP', Mr Hunt replied: ‘I can absolutely give that assurance.'

 NHS England, which is running the STP process alongside the five other national NHS bodies

Previously, NHS England, which is running the STP process alongside the five other national NHS bodies, has said that full public consultation would only be required where significant service changes are proposed.

A formal public consultation is not needed for every service change’, the guidance said. ‘However, it is likely to be needed should substantial changes to the configuration of health services in a local area be proposed, such as hospital closure, or significant service change. ‘It is therefore necessary to include consideration of the need for public consultation, and how this can be undertaken if required, in the overall STP.’

A DH spokeswoman said Jeremy Hunt’s comments were ‘in line with NHS England’s guidance on engagement’.

‘We expect all local leaders to be talking to the public and stakeholders regularly and it is vital that people are able to shape the future of their local services,' she said.

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