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Monday, 21 November 2016

Keeping Independent(2)

I recently reviewed The Breville Hot Cup, in the article entitled Keeping Independent.

Nanny D, an 89year old woman maintains her independence with the help of some cleverly sourced kitchen appliances that gives her family peace of mind.

In the original article, I alluded to the Toaster and Egg maker that is also enhancing meal times, a toaster which cooks one poached egg or up to four boiled eggs with very little effort in less than four minutes at the same time as it makes tasty toast.

The Toast and Egg maker is made by Tefal, and means that Nanny D can have a nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner with a poached or boiled egg.

I asked Nanny D about this product and how she felt it worked for her.

She stated that originally when the “heathen” thing came in to the home that it was a gimmick and would be difficult to use, understand and clean.  But she now loves it, and it simply wipes clean.

The Tefal Toast and Egg maker is perfect for her, as she’s only using it for herself but for a family she thinks it might be time consuming.

Nanny D, likes the Tefal Toaster and Egg as everyone knows that the chances of spilling boiling water from a heavy pan are illimated.

You can purchase the Tefal Toast and Egg maker from Amazon at around £33 without delivery (that would be extra) though it’s RRP is £44.99

The Edith Ellen Foundation has not, and nor have I, received any endorsement by "reviewing" this product. I am relaying information sourced from a conversation with my family that I felt would benefit others. 

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