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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Lack of training and understanding in our hospitals

Our Patron and Author of Behind Those Care Home Doors Adeline Dalley who advocates for the provision of outstanding care should be the objective of every provider; the receipt of outstanding care should be the right of every individual who needs it.  

Messaged me today with a personal report on Abuse within the care system

Hospital care, staff do not seem to understand fluid charts or medication safety it seems. 

Giving people a mug of tea, then writing tea 200mls in their chart before walking away. You do NOT fill in this until you have seen it be finished. 

As for medication you should NOT stand at the medication trolley, pop the pill into the pot, sign for it and then give patients the tablet. What if they refuse, hide it etc. Walking off to pop the next patients pill before you have seen your patient take it is wrong. 

As for charts sadly, skin checked in tact, when you are asleep on your back all night, yet you have been walked and washed at 2am? 

I am sick of hospital false documentation and lack of staff knowledge and I'm talking senior staff here too. 

Watch your families charts for things that don't add up, but don't worry everyone because CQC will come in and look at the charts, just like many judges prosecuting will say if it did not happen it would not of been documented! 

Well we've proved otherwise sadly for one of my lovely families footage, a lesson for judges and CQC, not filled with faith with them learning though. We have some amazing care and nursing staff I know, but this is so important and it needs to be everybody being honest and trained.
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