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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Keeping Independent

I'm currently enjoying sometime away with my young family, enjoying some Sun on the Costa Blanca.

As a family we are extremely lucky to have family living here so our holidays are for us cheaper than the average.

My brother and his partner live in an area that is extremely child orientated and the elderly are treated as important contributors to the rest of society.  In typical Spanish fashion generations share the same home and my family is no different living with my brothers mother-in-law who my boys affectionately refer to as nanny D.

Nanny D is 89, and enjoying every moment of life.  There are no known medical problems with nanny D only those you expect from a lady who is 89 going on 15!

Nanny D is at times stubborn but she knows her own mind and accepts nothing less from those around her. She's forthright and respectful but will always share her point of view. She lives independently achieved by each person having their own space, with the support of her family and friends.  This little gated community looks out for each other.

My brother and I were discussing how nanny D stays so independent and we discussed one of the "years best buys", which my brother can't recommend enough.

The Breville Hot Cup, widely available, my brother bought his from Amazon as they actually deliver to Spain! Cost approximately €33.00 (£29.00) and took about a week to deliver (UK could be delivered sooner)

With the risk of scalding increasing with age, this kettle is a huge weight of everyone's minds, as we know nanny D is less likely to scald with this device. Best of all it is so simplistic to use, get your favourite cup and fill it nearly to the top with cold tap water.

Pour this water into the reservoir at the back of the kettle. Now all you need to do is put your tea bag or coffee into the same cup and place it on the drip stand of the kettle.

Click the on button to heat the water and within a matter of seconds you have a cup of boiling tea or coffee. 

With no heavy kettle to fill and no judging how much water you are pouring into the cup this really has to be a bonus to independent living.

I asked nanny D how she felt this one cup worked for her and she replied, "I haven't scaled myself in weeks, and get the perfect cuppa".

I can't comment for everyone but it really is intelligent devices like the Breville Hot Cup, that has made life a little easier here in Spain.

The Edith Ellen Foundation has not, and nor have I, received any endorsement by "reviewing" this product. I am relaying information sourced from a conversation with my family that I felt would benefit others. I'll tell you about the toaster and egg maker another time.


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