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Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Edith Ellen Foundation in a nutshell

Tapping into service users’ skills and experience can be hugely beneficial to them, to their community – and to the care system as a whole

The Edith Ellen Foundation has worked tirelessly for nearly 10 years to benefit Older people in the community and those living in Care Homes.  The Foundation and its brilliant volunteers often work with older people who are often isolated identifying how best we can support them, help them and assist them.

The Edith Ellen Befrienders known as Lady Bader Ambassadors work with those they befriend identifying their skills and interests and enable them to reintegrate back into the community.

The Foundation has built up a network of partnerships to improve care and support.  It is clear that people want to be more involved in how their care and support is delivered, but it equally clear that something is needed to make this happen there is enormous untapped potential in every area of the country. It’s astounding to think that someone could have skills, knowledge and assets, but are isolated because they don’t have decent social connections.

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