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Monday, 16 October 2017

smile: living with dementia

I don’t often share other blogs but I was shared a blog this week which made me think. The article was very short but raised many more questions than I had answers for.  It was entitled Reasons to smile and explained the power of the Smile and the simplicity of such a simple natural response.

Why do we smile?

What makes us smile?

Why in dementia does a simple smile of comfort or concern mean so much more?
smile: living with dementia

I have many reasons to smile, my children, my husband, my family and friends. I still have adventure and I still have come of my memories.  But why then does smiling become so hard, why the do we become glum? As we fast approach the Christmas Season, I find myself excited and smiling a lot more but after, I feel the dark of depression and return to my smile less face.

It’s not personal, and I do have better moments where a hint of a smile will tip the corners of my mouth.

From a carers point of view, you can convey so much with a simple smile.  A smile is a powerful nonverbal communication tool.

In dementia the ability to smile often disappears.  It seems as though the body and mind disconnect from the muscles and forget how to raise a seemingly reflective movement.  Sadly, in others who lack social awareness, fail to experience and this disconnects the trigger to smile.

So what makes you smile today? And how will you consciously smile tomorrow?
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