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Thursday, 19 October 2017


I’d like to introduce you to the artistic talents of the Blogger Babies


I call him Biryaniasauras, as an adult I hope you’ll appreciate my humour.

Blogger Babies have a birthday fast approaching and whilst I’m sat there wondering where the time has come they have been thinking about what it is they would like for their birthday.

Blogger Baby Arch wanted to see Postman Pat and Blogger Baby Alf disagreed and wanted to see Iggle Piggle.

Now there is a place where I can make both Blogger Babies Happy – CBEEBIES Land at Alton Towers but sadly Mummy has a Disability and £££ is based on a sole income and then there is the travel costs on top and feeding us all (theirs 5 of us in this family). So, it is a little too expensive for us to go as a family

Well Blogger Babies were not going to let a small thing like expense get in their way.

They decided that Alton Towers should hold a painting competition that they could enter.  They did all this without ever actually contacting the events team (they’re only 2 nearly 3 so why would they know to do something like that?)

Here is their submitted Picture to their imaginary painting competition.

I promised them I would share it on “Mummies Jobs” which it what they call social media and my blog

Please share and celebrate the artistic-ness of the Blogger Babies
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