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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Last year 400,000 people died from Dementia

Last year 400,000 people died from Dementia, and many people have been faced with similar circumstances where their loved ones had Mental Capacity and their families who were their legal guardians were unaware that they had DNA/CPR as someone else had made the decision that was their right. 

It opens the question as to whether MCA and DoLs goes far enough to protect the Best Interests of our Frail and Vulnerable people?This needs discussion and it it needs MHA and MCA Lawyers that understand this Law to be part of any Cross Party Group discussions.
Meanwhile please help to raise the profile of this concern by
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Experts can see no reason for the death of Mavis Banks: my mother. 

Chester City Council (after her home), Care UK nursing home (saw mistakes and said she had dementia and then stopped son who also saw these mistakes) and Chester Police detectives (gained by Will) all had conflict of interests. 

Also Mavis Banks died under DoLS so Article 2 by jury inquest should have been done but was not even with all the conflict of interests and ignored evidence that shows massive corruption. New evidence further shows mother was on a pathway of death but the CQC report says she was not and hospital says she was and also was not! Also Mavis Banks wanted to live and was starved to death!  

We want a public inquest in London. Many lawyers and QC support this.
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