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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Edith Ellen Holistic Care Givers

Edith Ellen Carers

In care today it is not enough to simply rely on current systems of Legislation and Regulation to improve care, as they do little to address the many conflicts of interest that exist and merely promote systems that are not fit for purpose.

The heavy responsibilities and pressures in the assessment, training and provision for nursing and care services coupled with a consistent lack of support and recognition for those that do provide excellent care, has in many cases specifically reflected in staff attitudes. It has affected the culture of nursing and care, and is the main reason why we have seen many good carers forced to leave the care industry.

All in the care industry are struggling without the support they require from the timely connections to their own care systems and chains, the local community and all the necessary services and organisations that should all be proactively interacting with them to allow them to support the people they look after.

Care providers, in the main, have told us that despite many different modules in care training none are consistent and improve staff abilities to deliver improved sustainable care, and for care groups to retain their good care worker.

A National Training Matrix is simply not available that help staff find better ways of working, to allow people in their care to retain their individuality, independence, abilities and confidence, to retain their own identity and continue with their interests and access to their families, friends and communities.

Whilst industry Standards in the care sector are currently under review to provide training that meets the National Qualification Framework requirements, here, at the Edith Ellen Foundation we aim to improve these standards through a Holistic Kindness in Care approach and with a complex accredited training programme.

We aim to see a change in how care givers are supported within their career through re-introducing the Nightingale style of nursing as Edith Ellen Carers and Edith Ellen Nurses. And by introducing a Certification in professional competencies (CPC), which will require regular updated training to ensure standard are met.

What the Foundation will do for care givers is to develop a sharp focus on the Professionally Observant, Focused, Innovative and Motivated Carer celebrated as the Indispensable Carers Healing the Body and Mind in an Exceptional Holistic Kindness in Care Industry.

Its benefits are acclaimed and accomplished carers who are known bilaterally for:

  • Being Indispensable Carers Healing the Body and Mind
  • Preventative and Safe Caring Reducing Harm Factors
  • Looking at the Needs of the Person and Making Care Happen
  • Operational, Tactical and Strategic Holistic Kindness in Care that Values People
  • Caring that Rises to and Overcomes any Challenges that Caring Brings to ensure People Matter Most
  • The Outstanding Care with Kindness Respect Empathy and Compassion that is providing Genuine and Authentic Safety ,Caring, Education and Practical Support and their unquestionable and meaningful Purpose of Safe and Genuine “Person Centred Care”
  • The Trusted Caring that Engages with People and Shares Communications and Relationships to bring a True Understanding and Appreciation of Who People Are as Individuals and Care with Warmth and a Listening and Calming Presence
  • Commitment to Consistent Quality Care Choices for People and their Families and a Dedicated to helping people have Independence Involved and Supportive Self-Management
  • Dedicated to Improved Nutrition, Hydration and Social Inclusion of People in Care, to Preventing People’s Fear, Isolation and Loneliness and bring care that enables People’s Improved and Consistent Health, Welfare and Self-Worth
  • The Coordinated Care Planner and Supporter for People with Complex Health Conditions, and Care with Exceptional Emotional and Psychological Support and Care that will Find and Nurture People’s Identity when it has been Lost in the Shadows of Dementia
  • Caring with Not so random Acts of Holistic care as Carers are Consistent, Confident, Knowledgeable and Quality Trained in Holistic Care Attitudes and Approaches of A Good Care Experience Every Time
  • Being the Unrivaled and Recognised Edith Ellen Carers
  • Caring with Kinder Practices, Attitudes and Approaches to Individual Wellbeing and Self-Worth
  • Carers that are Valued and Celebrated for their Pride and Career in Caring
  • The Advanced Enhanced and Healthier Holistic Culture for All in the UK
  • Leading the Rest of the World 
The Unrivaled and Recognised Ellen Care Givers- recognised as the trusted single point of contact for people, families and coordinated multi-disciplined teams with the Unquestionable and meaningful purpose and delivery of “Person Centered Care”.
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