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Monday, 20 March 2017

Supporters of Combat Stress (SOCS),


Through our journey with The Lady Bader Ambassadors and as The Edith Ellen Foundation we often get to meet amazing people offering their own time in support and guidance for others, like minded people who care about how others are supported and looked after within the community.

We recently made contact with a local organisation Supporters of Combat Stress (SOCS), who meet the first Tuesday of each month, at the Knights Chamber, within the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral, from 10am until 12noon.

SOCS primarily help and support Veterans and their families who are suffering from Mental Trauma.

SOCS has been up and running for 8 years now.  It became an essential need when the founding partner Elaine Danaher came to understand that her own father suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) brought on through his time serving in Northern Ireland. 

SOCS, with the help from the Dean of Peterborough Cathedral and The John Lewis Partnership got up and running, and haven't look back. 

SOCS have Reps from Combat Stress, Veterans UK, Richmond Fellowship (Wisbech), and a Holistic Therapist. All these people give their time for free.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, Veterans and their families can come and have a cuppa and a chat... But if they feel they need more, then there are Reps to help out.
supporters of combat stress
SOCS have Veterans from Bedford, Dereham, Stamford, and of course Peterborough.

SOCS next meeting is 4th April 2017, @ 10am the Knights Chamber, within the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral.
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