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Monday, 13 February 2017

Who Regulates the UK Care Sector?

Regulations checklist

The UK is made up of 4 separate countries England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Each have separate Regulations and Regulators.  However, they are all tasked with inspecting our care services, to ensure they are meeting all requirements.

Many families and care staff are frustrated and disillusioned by our Regulators for care in all areas of the UK.

They are encouraged to share information to help the Regulator do their job, to help influence changes for the better, but sadly time and time again we see things are not changing and our most vulnerable in society are being put at risk, at times with avoidable fatal consequences.

Concerned families are informed the Regulator do not deal with 'individual complaints', and they then follow what can be a lengthy and stressful process trying to find someone who does. 

When Care Staff do, report concerns as a whistle-blower they become a victim of a system that doesn’t care, often finding themselves bullied out of a career they were exceeding in all because they chose to stand up for someone else and report poor care practices – they did the right thing.

On more than one occasion Inspection Reports have not reflected the reality of what is happening behind closed doors, we know that abuse is happening, there are reports almost daily in the national presses stating horrendous heinous crimes against our elderly and vulnerable.

Inspectors from the CQC, say their hands are tied because they can only report on what THEY themselves witness during their inspections regardless of what information they have been provided prior to or during the inspection.  Inspections that are tailored to show the service in the best possible light.

The CQC inform Care Providers prior to their visits – even their “unannounced” visits are announced due to the paper work sent prior to the inspection giving Care Providers advanced knowledge of an impending inspection.

In my opinion, the whole system is set up to fail, Inspectors cannot report on anything they themselves have not witnessed, each aspect of their reporting is left up to personal opinion and common sense something that cannot be trained or taught.  Stricter guidelines need to be set, with severe repercussions on those not meeting the standards.  And Care staff need to know that they themselves as an individual are liable to prosecution if they breach safeguarding standards and Mental Capacity legislation.

Regulators for the UK

England – The Care Quality Commission (CQC) Click HERE
Ireland – The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Click HERE
Northern Ireland – The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) Click HERE
Scotland – Care Inspectorate (SCSWIS) Click HERE
Wales – Care and Social Services Inspectorate (CSSIW) Click HERE
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