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Friday, 24 February 2017

CQC to oversee care funding

The Care Quality Commission’s role is due to be extended to regulating local councils’ management of social care, as part of government proposals to address the crisis in the sector.

I really don't get this:
·         So, the money paid to the CQC for this might be paid to care providers for more care?
·         When they don’t understand Care themselves how can they understand Social Care Finances?
·         They are already supposed to “oversee” the finances in the Care Home Sector, yet they don’t
·         Are they going to man up and start shouting for more money to invest in more staffing and come out with minimum number of staff on duty?
·         Aren't their resources are already stretched that they cannot do enough inspections?
·         Are they competent enough to be professional in Finances when they are not in Regulation?
·         What headway did they make when asked to look at the Financial Market of care 2014/2015 and risk assess it after Southern Cross disappeared down the pan and left a gaping financial hole in care the market place?
·         Who is Independently auditing them for value for money?

I guess my question is why should you listen to them when so far, they haven't made improvements to anyone's care? 

How can we then expect the CQC to prevent a further crisis in Care?
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