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Friday, 17 February 2017

In Case of Emergency

I’m not “being behind with the times” but it seems an opportune time to share this as it could essential save a life.  For those of you who have an iPhone are all probably already aware, but just in case its bypassed you I thought I’d share this information.

From an iPhone (I’m not sure if android have the same or similar) you can inform people of your medical history in an emergency. If you are willing to share people can access any information you’re willing to share about your medical history and next of kin contact details without the need to be able to unlock your phone?

It would be good for anyone that gets lost, and confused and ends up with a good Samaritan trying to help……….

In the lock screen mode of your iPhone in the bottom left is the ‘Emergency’ button – you need to click this, then select ‘Medical ID’ from the bottom left of the screen.
emergency button from lock screen
It has everything you wish to share including the ability to enter next of kin telephone numbers as well as all your medical details.
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