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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Failure of Adult Social Care and the need for a fresh start

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The social care system is failing too many, and it’s the Government’s failure to fund social care properly that risks devastating the care sector (not workers asking for the living wage).

Care companies resorted to threats of closures, pressures on the already under staffed NHS and bankruptcies

But, should we sympathise with Organisations that submit bargain-basement bids for care contacts, with no thought as to how they might actually pay their staff?

Our Founder Kate Blake wrote a guest blog on the Your Voice Matters Website entitled ‘Who is responsible for our failing care systems?’  And we reiterate the sentiment that our co-founder Kate writes.  

The real villain of the peace is the Government. 

Until our MP’s rediscover their moral compasses and release the necessary cash for care.

We need the MP’s on side to redefine the Care Standards and expectations, we need a Government with backbone who will defend our elderly and most vulnerable.

We need a complete review of our legal systems: where even those responsible for Care Legislation, procedures in the Courts of Protection and Safeguarding Systems believe processes are too complicated and legalistic that the system it’s self often fails to achieve a positive outcome for the person concerned or their family.

We need a Government that can regulate Organisations such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and will act upon complaints or inconsistencies.

Too many local authorities and the CQC find it easier to close our care homes rather than replace poor management, untrained staff (and in some cases uncaring), and improve care delivery to a meaningful care standard.

We must also resist any attempt to demonise the low-paid worker.  For in reality without them the entire care system would come crashing down.  We need instead to better support Good Care; celebrate it even.  Provide better Training, a better working environment.
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