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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Travelling with Twins the Mummy Dementia Guide

Travelling with Twins the Mummy Dementia Guide
As I start thinking about this blog I’m somewhere high up, over French airspace with Daddy, Grumpy and the Blogger Babies, the pilot said something about feet but I forgot by the time I’m got my pen out.  And so, fair we made it through a 2½ hour car journey, 3 hours in the airport and 2 hours in the sky without
1. Trying to quietly smother ourselves with a rather expensive but very comfortable travel pillow and
2. Without losing a Blogger Baby or anyone else, though it was touch and go when Grumpy nipped to the loo via the ill placed bar.  Better still I’ve only had one small mini melt down because I couldn’t remember the gate number even though I’d just read it for the 10th time.

We left home at 2pm this afternoon and it’s now 8:30 at night we don’t land until nearly 11pm local time, it’s already been a long day and we still have to get to our destination.

Daddy and I aren’t new to traveling with Blogger Babies, however, each time we learn a little more about the best way to reduce stress and cognitive confusion.  The problem we have is that unless I write it down I don’t remember and every time we travel the Blogger Babies are that little bit older which changes the game from the get-go.

So, I thought using the Blog to help would be a useful tool for me to remember but also help others with either MCI or twins (or both) travel in the future.

What we have learnt so far:
1.   Arrive in good time – There is nothing worse than arriving late and in a panic.
2.   Plan your trip – Are there road works? Do you have enough petrol? Fill up the day before if you’re on the early flight and you want that extra 10 mins in bed!  We prefer to travel at night time so we filled up in the morning.
3.   Bring activities for the little ones! – Our twins are 2, I look forward to the time that I can let them pack their hand luggage themselves. So, in their hand luggage I packed snacks, their favourite juice bottle (which was empty as liquids are frowned upon by airport security), their favourite teddy.  I also packed a story book each and their favourite colouring books and pencils.  I also make sure they have their favourite comfort be that a teddy, a dummy for smaller ones or a blanket (blanket is called Mia and is basically the only way our boys sleep).
4.   Charge those Electronic nannies – There is nothing worse than getting to the airport or layover and finding out your DVD player has no battery and you’re stranded in an Airport with nothing to do.
5.  Toilet stops – While Daddy cued with the suitcases, Grumpy & I took Blogger Babies off to the toilet even if they say they don’t need it right then I tend to bribe them with a colouring pencils/stickers/Grumpy if it means I’m not halfway through security with “mummy I need a wee, Mummy wee, Sorry Mummy derwandwans all wet” in my ear. Derwandwans is Blogger Babies word for trousers, I know we shouldn’t encourage this use of a non-word but I like it and it sounds cute.
6.   This year we bought Blogger Babies their own hand luggage, this way Daddy and I didn’t end up carrying a thousand bags and the Blogger Babies got to pretend they were all grown up like Mummy, Daddy and Grumpy.
7.   OMG, if I’d known before I would have bought “airport Shoes”, the one thing Blogger Babies hate is having their shoes taken off and silly Mummy bought them a pair each which light up – this means there is a battery in the sole, which means they have to come off to be scanned at security, what ensued next was a mini melt down by two Blogger Babies and Mummy falling into a dark panic and blind brain block.  REMOVE SHOES, COATS etc before security and try to remember to bring shoes which don’t have flashing lights on.
8. We learnt the first time we flew with the Blogger Babies to Fold the pushchair (remove any babies beforehand) as the pushchair also needs to be scanned – our first time this meant one of us balanced the two babies and our scanned bags while the other emptied the double buggy of coats, bottles of milk, toys and blankets to fold the pushchair.  Once through security you can unfold it and take the pushchair up to the aircraft door (you’ll need to check your own airline if unsure of this), but remember this doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll meet you at the other end as we found out last year…
9.   Next time I am booking the posh lounge area we walked right by, from speaking with Daddy we could have booked this with the car parking – I don’t care all I know is next time I’m booking it they had a big sign saying complimentary WiFi and looked like a place of safety and less crowds.
10. Pack Snacks – I packed a few into the Blogger Babies hand luggage for them, I admit I forgot all about our snacks and we ended up re-mortgaging to buy 3 drinks and 3 packs of crisps – airport prices are far from reasonable.
11.Make sure the adults in your group have all been to the toilet too, there is nothing worse than trying to seat a 2-year-old into an airplane seat that doesn’t hold them whilst trying to hold your ever-expanding bladder and not wet yourself…
12.If traveling with children under a certain age you get to jump the que at the departure gate so don’t rush there, plus being on the plane first doesn’t mean you’ll take off any quicker it just means everyone gets bored and a bit narky and chances are one of the kids will need a wee wee and you’ll have to force your way through the horde of passengers trying to get to their seats.

I’ll upload pictures when I’m back on home territory but right now I’m already thinking about going to the pool with a glass of sangria and my next article – “In Flight with Twins” or even writing an actual book entitled “How to Survive Plane Travel with Toddlers”!

That’s all from Mummy for now, we’re off to the pool to get a healthy dose of vitamin D. x
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