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Monday, 22 May 2017

Frustrations for People with Dementia Related Illnesses

Sometimes I get really frustrated especially when I can’t remember words and have to resort to either using an incorrect word or describing what it is I am trying to say, this results in people with limited understanding of my condition thinking I’m angry or rude.

an elephant never forgets
I’m neither, I’m frustrated, but at myself not anyone else.

MCI can be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. Frustration is a normal and valid emotional response.

Frustration can cause stress and anxiety which may negatively impact your physical health or cause you to be physically or verbally aggressive towards those around you.

I try to limit my frustrations by trying to recognise what is and what isn’t within my power to change.

I find when I am over tied I can be more frustrated and forgetful, in turn this makes me appear slower in my speech and thought process.

I can’t offer answers on how to deal with your frustrations, but I can explain how I try to recognise mine and deal with them.

I’ve tried to recognise the warning signs of when I am becoming frustrated, and relearn ways to calm myself down this can reduce the stress I feel but it isn’t always guaranteed.

My personal warning signs are
·         I smoke more than normal – whereby normally I can go hours before I feel the need to smoke, when frustrated I can smoke every 20minutes or so.
·         My patience is extremely lacking
·         I start to feel hot and bothered which causes headaches for me
·         And I get this urge to smack someone, usually the person nearest me. I have yet to be physically violent but I recognise the potential is there.

When I feel, myself becoming frustrated I try changing my activity to reduce the frustrations.  The first few I have found have very little effect on me but I’m including them as you might that they work for you.

·         Counting from 1-10
·         Breathing more slowly and taking deep breaths
·         Having a quick walk about to gather yourself

·         Ring a friend someone you can chat about normal things with
·         Singing, sing like there is no one watching or listening
·         Listen to music
·         Taking a relaxing bath

Try experimenting, find out what works best for you, some people find meditating or praying works for them.  The best combination I’ve found is listening to music whilst in a warm bath, but sometimes this really isn’t possible.
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